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January 2015

New release of Kushiel's Dart with redesigned cover art - click to purchase trade paperback from Amazon Happy New Year!

And here's some cool news to usher it in: Tor Books is re-launching the original Kushiel trilogy in a new trade paperback format with new cover art! The first volume, Kushiel's Dart, comes out on January 13th.

The new covers are designed to appeal more to the Fifty Shades of Grey readership than a traditional fantasy audience, which I think is a smart idea; certainly one worth a try! I know the success of those books has prompted many readers and booksellers to recommend mine as a far better alternative to their friends. And before you ask, no, I didn't have any input on the design of Phèdre marque. It's a very different interpretation, and it will be interesting to see how readers react to it.

Speaking of Phèdre marque, I'm delighted to say that the response to the Phèdre Marque necklace fundraiser has been tremendous! We were able to raise almost $9,000 for my local library's capital campaign to build a new facility, and Allison Hourcade at RockLove Jewelry has graciously offered to extend the period of availability for another couple of months. We're hoping to hit $10,000 by Valentine's Day!

Oddly enough, I've been re-reading Kushiel's Dart for the first time in years. My long-time book club is reading on the theme of "Books You've Always Wanted to Discuss" this year and one of the members chose it. It's a strange experience. I've only re-read it once since its publication, and that was some six years ago in preparation for writing You, and You Alone, the novella that tells the story of Anafiel Delaunay and Rolande de la Courcel's tragic romance. (Which, in case you missed it, is included in the anthology Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love).

At any rate, I sort of power-skimmed through it that time to refresh my memory. This time, I'm really reading it, doing my best to do so as an objective reader. It's impossible, of course. I can't quite stop analyzing the craftsmanship, both good and bad, to really connect on an emotional level with the characters. There are scenes I wrote in tears that I'm re-reading dry-eyed. And yet... I do find myself getting caught up in it, not wanting to put it down. I find myself surprised by details I'd forgotten, like the fact that I dropped a couple of nice casual allusions to the Lost Book of Raziel long before it becomes relevant, or my apparent obsession with the use of commas to create specific rhythms, or the fact that there are three - three! - separate references to badgers, despite the fact that no actual badgers appear anywhere in Terre d'Ange over the course of the entire series.

Ultimately, I do think it's an awfully good book, and Phèdre nó Delaunay holds up as a truly unique and compelling heroine. I will forever be grateful for the gift of her, and I hope these new editions find many new readers to share her journey, and Imriel's and Moirin's to follow.

That's it for now! Check out the Tattoo Gallery for some lovely new additions. As for me, I'm off to North Carolina as a Guest of Honor at Illogicon later this month, and I hope to see some of you there!

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