Jacqueline Carey’s monthly updates.

October 2017

Happy autumn! As much as I hate to see the summer end, I have to admit, I do love October.  I love the changing colors on the trees, the leaves rustling underfoot, the crisp note in the air and the deep cerulean skies we get here in Michigan.  Though ironically, I generally leave the state [...]

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September 2017

Hurray, good news to report! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter , you may have seen that the Longest Night Masquerade charity fundraiser on December 16th in Pennsylvania was in danger of being canceled due to low advance ticket sales. After a big publicity push, the organizers have crunched [...]

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July 2017

Last month, I went to see “Wonder Woman” on opening day.  I’m not the world’s biggest superhero film fan, but I knew how long it took for this one to get made; and when I read about how little promotion it was receiving, it annoyed me.  So I decided that if the reviews were at [...]

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June 2017

I have happy news to share! Well, sort of. Now that I think about it, it’s probably happier news for me than my fans, since it’s really just a teaser as far as you guys are concerned. At any rate, I’ve turned in the edited version of The Starless, my stand-alone novel coming out [...]

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May 2017

After the presidential election, I vowed to write more about the relationship between politics and narrative; and then life intruded, and I lost the impetus.  But I encountered a couple of things last month that restored it. The first was this video from Vox laying out the way CNN covers politics as sport, prioritizing sensationalized [...]

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April 2017

First up, a quick reminder that I’ll be a Guest of Honor at MarCon in Columbus, Ohio on May 12-14! Last month, I had a very nice time at HELIOsphere in Tarrytown, New York… with one minor exception.  Finding myself with hours of free time on the first day, I decided to walk from the [...]

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March 2017

Last month was filled with marked high and low points.  I’m delighted that Miranda and Caliban was released with excellent reviews and good buzz, and I hope that continues to grow.  However, February was also the month in which Julie and I had to say farewell to our dog Maya, a.k.a. [...]

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February 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! Okay, I’m a little early, at least as of this writing, but I’m excited because on February 14th, Miranda and Caliban will at last be released.  And I say “at last” because it feels like it’s been a long time coming.  Tor Books acquired the manuscript back in the fall of 2015, but [...]

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January 2017

Happy New Year to all, and good riddance to 2016!  As I sit down to write this, we’re headed into a time of political turmoil and uncertainty, and I’ve just learned that we’ve lost another beloved cultural icon. But there have been a few high points along the way, and one [...]

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December 2016

Happy Holidays, my friends!  And here’s hoping that this will be a happier month than the one we’ve just endured. First of all, I’m looking forward to the Longest Night Masquerade Ball in Pennsylvania on December 10th.  It will be a fabulous affair with costumes, pageantry and custom-bottled joie, and it’s all to raise funds [...]

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