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February 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I was going to say Happy February, but… is anyone ever really happy about February?  Annnd of course, the moment I wrote the previous sentence, it occurred to me that it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, and perhaps yes, there are a multitude of places in which February [...]

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January 2018

Happy New Year! And here’s hoping it will be a happy one. I’ve got one piece of good news to kick it off! I announced earlier that last month’s Longest Night Masquerade Ball in Pennsylvania would be the last event, but as it transpires, there’s a new organizer volunteering to take on the project. I will [...]

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December 2017

Happy Holidays, my friends!  I hope this finds you well. Me, I’ll be honest; I’m entering December in a somber mood.  Often I put aside minor tribulations here in this blog, because although it’s reassuring in some ways to know that your favorite artists of any ilk are dealing with the same issues everyone else [...]

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November 2017

Whew, that was a fast month!  Hence my late update. So if eating grasshoppers had been on my bucket list (it wasn’t), I could now cross it off, courtesy of a brief trip to Mexico City in early October.  I’m glad that we didn’t cancel it after the earthquake, although the [...]

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October 2017

Happy autumn! As much as I hate to see the summer end, I have to admit, I do love October.  I love the changing colors on the trees, the leaves rustling underfoot, the crisp note in the air and the deep cerulean skies we get here in Michigan.  Though ironically, I generally leave the state [...]

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September 2017

Hurray, good news to report! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter , you may have seen that the Longest Night Masquerade charity fundraiser on December 16th in Pennsylvania was in danger of being canceled due to low advance ticket sales. After a big publicity push, the organizers have crunched [...]

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July 2017

Last month, I went to see “Wonder Woman” on opening day.  I’m not the world’s biggest superhero film fan, but I knew how long it took for this one to get made; and when I read about how little promotion it was receiving, it annoyed me.  So I decided that if the reviews were at [...]

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June 2017

I have happy news to share! Well, sort of. Now that I think about it, it’s probably happier news for me than my fans, since it’s really just a teaser as far as you guys are concerned. At any rate, I’ve turned in the edited version of The Starless, my stand-alone novel coming out [...]

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May 2017

After the presidential election, I vowed to write more about the relationship between politics and narrative; and then life intruded, and I lost the impetus.  But I encountered a couple of things last month that restored it. The first was this video from Vox laying out the way CNN covers politics as sport, prioritizing sensationalized [...]

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April 2017

First up, a quick reminder that I’ll be a Guest of Honor at MarCon in Columbus, Ohio on May 12-14! Last month, I had a very nice time at HELIOsphere in Tarrytown, New York… with one minor exception.  Finding myself with hours of free time on the first day, I decided to walk from the [...]

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