HyacinthesHappy Spring, everyone!

The crocuses are blooming, the daffodils and hyacinths are on their way, the spring peepers are singing their chorus, the goldfinches are shedding their winter olive-drab for bright yellow plumage… and I’m swamped, so this will be a hasty entry.

Nothing bad, I promise!  It’s just that at this particular juncture in time, I’ve got waaaay too much on my plate.  And part of that is my own darn fault!  I’m planning a trip to Iceland this summer with my partner Julie and our dear friend Amy, and it turns out that those travel books that warn you to book your lodging well in advance during the high season aren’t kidding, so we’re scrambling to put an itinerary together.

I suppose limited availability shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the entire population of the country is approximately 323,000 people, but I had the luxury of coming of age as a laissez-faire traveler.  After graduating from college, my friend Jill and I lived in London for six months, working at bookstores.  When our work permits expired, we set out armed with a battered copy of Let’s Go Europe and a pair of Eurail passes.  Reservations?  Those were for people who could afford hotels.  We crashed with friends or family whenever we could; otherwise, we showed up at a local youth hostel and hoped for the best.

Not only was there no Internet in those days, but we only had intermittent access to phones.  Some countries had a fairly extensive system of public payphones, others… didn’t.  My poor parents might go for weeks without having any idea where in the world I was or what I was doing.  But one way or another, it all worked out.

So yeah, this advance planning business isn’t my strong suit.  And then there are a handful of other things occupying my time – volunteer projects, social media, helping out a couple of friends recovering from surgery.  My website is undergoing a much-needed redesign to make it mobile friendly.  And, oh!  Writing, of course.  I’ve got a work in progress that I’m really excited about, a standalone fantasy that’s allowing me to explore fresh themes, put a spin on classic tropes, and engage in worldbuilding on a whole new scale.

But more on that in the months to come.  For now, I wish you all well!