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Signed and personalized copies of POISON FRUIT available for pre-order from The Signed Page!

September 2014

Frog on FrogI'm a bit late with an update this month, in part because of the Labor Day holiday weekend, and in part because I had to hold off on a piece of news until the official announcement was made:  I'll be a guest at Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia this November 7-9.  It should be fun!

The other exciting news, of course, is that Poison Fruit, the third and final book in the Agent of Hel series comes out in hardcover next month. Signed and personalized copies can be ordered from The Signed Page, and I'll be in Seattle on October 8th to sign them, as well as doing a signing at the University Bookstore that evening. According to a Romantic Times four-star review, "Despite the dark, often unsettling, nature of the enemies on the prowl, Carey keeps the narrative tone light and flowing, ensuring fans and newcomers alike can empathize with each character and savor each imaginative scene. There are few easy answers or simple solutions here, guaranteeing that readers will be fully engaged until the final scene and invested in the romance that builds and twists throughout this high-stakes story."

This may be my favorite book in what's been a delightful and entertaining series to write, and I think it's a strong, satisfying conclusion that has a lot of depth, humor, humanity and whimsy in equal measure. Check out the first chapter here! Warning: Contains spoilers for the previous book, Autumn Bones, available in paperback in October.

As of this writing, I don’t have any other events scheduled for the release.  See, I’ve got a milestone birthday taking place at the same time:  I’ll be turning fifty on October 9th.  I know, right?  It’s hard to believe.  I was having a difficult time deciding how to celebrate it, but when my long-time friend Shawn Speakman from The Signed Page asked if I was up for doing another one, I decided to combine business with pleasure.  As many times as I’ve been to Seattle, I’ve never had much leisure time to explore the city or the surrounding area—and my girlfriend Julie’s never been to the Pacific Northwest.  So it will be a treat—I hear the Olympic Peninsula is amazing—and I still get to make signed copies of Poison Fruit available on a world-wide basis. 

And as for what comes next, well, I’m still keeping that under wraps for now. 

For the record, I’m pretty cool with turning fifty.  It’s a good time to take stock of my life and realize how very rich and fulfilling it is.  I get to do what I love for a living, travel the world doing signings and research, and meet readers whose lives have been touched by my books. 

When I think about it, the last decade has been pretty damn amazing.  I look forward to seeing what the next one has in store for me! 

PS:  On the homepage, a little frog-on-frog action on our patio this summer.  Cuteness!

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Poison Fuit
Agent of Hel: Poison Fruit, US hardcover release, October 2014

Dark Currents by Jacquline Carey
Agent of Hel: Autumn Bones, US paperback release, October 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 7:00 pm, signing
University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA  98105

Hal-Con, Guest of Honor
November 7-9, 2014 Halifax, Nova Scotia

IllogiCon, Guest of Honor
Raleigh-Durham, NC
January 9-11, 2015

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